Energy Saving Tips

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Energy Saving Tips

Energy savings tips for home, at work and on the road for all the humanity

Please apply where it is applicable. It could save you money, reduce emissions. one of the great helper to protect our family, our health & our environment. Why not
apply it today? Please share if you like the topics...

1. Replace your furnace filter every 3 months to keep your furnace running efficiently. A clogged filter reduces airflow, which costs you money in the form of reduced
2. Seal leaks around doors, windows, and exterior wall electrical outlets to keep the warm air in

3. Insulate your basement to improve the overall comfort of the basement and prevent warm air escaping along the joist cavities. Use aluminium tape to all the joint
of the furnace. Use especially design foam to cover the copper pipe over your water heater & furnace. You can also use caulking and weather stripping to seal air
leaks. You can reduce your home heating and cooling needs by up to 20%
4. Insulate your attic to cut down on heating costs. You should have a minimum of 12 inches of insulation. Upgrade the insulation in the walls, basement and attic can save your energy bill up to 30%

5. Lower (for heater) or higher (for cooler) the temperature setting on your thermostat by two degrees. If your water contain digital display, you can lower the water
heater temperature by up to 4 degrees from the average default temperature
6. Energy efficiency portable heater can reduce your energy bill and also can be use as an emergency item during the breakdown or fallout of the furnace..

7. Small generator is an essential item for the every household, specially during winter month, when temperature can fall bellow 10 to 30 degree centigrade
8. If your furnace is older or experiencing frequent breakdowns, upgrade to a high efficiency furnace

9. Clean your ducts to remove dust and debris and help your furnace work more efficiently
10. Vacuum your furnace vent (incoming and outgoing) regular basis. Make it a part of your house clean item

11. Use water softening or air bubble adding shower head for every wash room, save you 20% to 45% water during each shower. Save your water bill & your
12. Proper humidification in the home can benefit financially & be apart of your healthy living. Using a humidifier allows you to turn the thermostat down one or two degrees while still maintaining a comfortable feeling. Proper moisture levels can combat muscle and joint pain and a lack of concentration, all of which can result from dehydration. A humidifier can help the body’s immune system guard against irritants, keeping your family healthy. When the air is dry, static electricity is often the cause of frizzy hair, static cling and the shocks when touching a doorknob. Increasing the home’s humidity level will help reduce these nuisances. Dry air can also wreak havoc on your home itself. Maintaining proper humidity can prevent your hardwood floors, wood molding and furniture from shrinking and cracking and also prevent the wallpaper from peeling. The most common range for humidity in the winter is between 40 and 60%. Finding the best number for your home inside of this range.

13. Use energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances at home , office or businesses. LED bulb can be used in your high traffic area. LED bulb has more savings &
efficient than spiral energy saving bulb. Look for coupon online to buy the energy saving bulb. Government project and rebates are everywhere in north America.
14. Drive at the posted speed limit like cruising speed from 100 km/h to 120 km/h will increase fuel consumption by approximately 20%.

15.Inflate your car tire to its default pressure and check tire pressure once a month. A single under-inflated tire can increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption by up
to 4%.
16. At work turn off your computer and other electronic equipment if it is not being used for more than half an hour.

17. Minimize the paper use at work place. Minimize paper use by using email, conference call, web meeting & creation of database control for all report & test documents

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