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Beauty Tips for all kinds of skin color girls

Lipcolour Shades That Best For Your Skin Tone
Are you a fair skinned and want to wear a red lipstick? Or maybe, you're a medium olive skin tone, looking for pink lipstick that will look right for you. Here's a guide for most skin tones to help you chose the correct shade of lipstick that is most suitable for you.

Deep plum reds: Soft berry and wine reds with a blue undertone. Avoid reds with an orange undertone. These can make you look washed out ashy. Sheer medium brown with pink undertones or beige lipsticks with a pink undertone flatter fair skins. Browns: Mocha browns, and darker brown/pink lipsticks are also flatter for an evening lip look. Extra pale browns with yellow undertones, make fair skin look washed out. Pinks: Pinks look fantastic on fair skin. sheer, light light shiny pink lipsticks with blue undertones work well. Pink with a slight gold shimmer also enhance this skin tone very nicely. Dusty roses with or without shimmer are good tones. Stay away from hot pink lipstick as it overpowers fair skins.

Deep reds are most flattering. Blue-reds brighten medium skin with a yellow undertone. Brown, warm reds will soften and look warm on medium skin. Browns: Browns that are very pale can make medium skins look ashy and washed out. Stick to rich caramel shades, medium brown with yellow or pink undertones, and creamy coffee colors browns. Sheer browns in these varying shades can also be very flattering. Pinks: Rich and deep pinks which tend to fall on warm look best on medium skin. Also pinks with brown undertones enhance and flatter medium skins very well. Sheers, creams and mattes can all be tried and tested with much success using these shades of pink

Rich, deep brown reds and deep, dark berry shades. Stay away from orange/reds and pink/reds. Browns: Browns with a red or auburn/mahogany undertone work well with this skin tone. Also, rich browns that resemble coffee, toffee, and chocolate colors work well. Pinks: Deep berries, rich rose, and soft to medium plums are very flattering to this skin tone which have very strong yellow undertones. Avoid pinks that are to cool and too light as these pinks can make complexion look draining.

Try red with blue undertone, which are deep and rich. Also, mahogany, and deep plums, and wine reds are worth trying. Avoid orange and pink reds here. Browns: Almost any shade of brown suits black skin. Sheer and shimmers light browns to a rich dark, coffee brown. Pinks: Medium and soft sheer pinks are very flattering. A hint of pink in glosses and sheers with a touch of beige can really enhance this skin tone. Berries, deep roses, and plums also flatter this skin tone.

How To Create A Basic Lip Design
Anytime, Any place, Anywhere, here's a mistake-proof way to create great-looking lips in no time. All you need to do is follow the procedure as illustrated bellow. Your Tools: Pick your favorite lipstick or lip -gloss, a freshly sharpened lip pencil in the same shade--or a beige or neutral shade and a lip brush.
Now, outline your lips perfectly with these simple steps:
1. First create an outline by dotting your lips with a pencil at the main areas i.e. one at the edge of each corner on either side of your upper lip. Then, add two more dots--one at each of the twin peaks (the crests) in the middle of the upper lip.
2. Now connect your dots-first, connecting the dot on each corner up to the dot on the crest on the same side. Then, connecting the two dots on both crests together, to completely outline the top lip.
3.Outline, staring from the middle of your lower lip, lining outward three-quarters, of the way to the corners, stopping right before you get to the corners.
4. Fill in with lipstick or lip-gloss, using your lip brush to apply colors evenly. Blend any visible lines with lipstick, using your lip brush to apply and blend.

**All the above information and tips are provided by Khoobsurat Beauty Salon and Experimental color magazine.

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