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This calculator harnesses the psychic aspects of the language to determine your compatibility -romance wise- with another person, based on each other's names. Give it a try, and become a believer! Test the love between two people by entering their names below and then calculate their compatibility.

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HUSBAND: In South Asia, a boring person, who listens more to his mother than you, and orders you around to serve him, his parents and siblings. Outside South Asia, still boring but useful, comes in handy when the house needs to be vacummed or grocery needs to be done.

WIFE: In South Asia, a woman who hands you, your towel when you go to take shower. Outside South Asia, a woman who yells at you not to leave the tab dirty when you go to take a bath.

MOTHER IN LAW: In South Asia, a woman capable of making your life miserable. Outside South Asia, a woman you never fight with, because she's a free baby sitter.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER: In South Asia, a high-tech guy with an American or British accent, can be seen in consulate visa line. Outside South Asia, a high-tech guy who does prayer in Mosque or Ganapati puja everyday as many as he could, and says, "This is my last year in the U.S.A.(or whereever)," every year.

DOCTOR: In South Asia, A respectable man with reasonable income. Outside South Asia, A money- making machine with a money-spending machine-his wife.

GREEN CARD HOLDER OR LANDED IMMIGRANT: In South Asia, the guy can't speak his mother tang.(bengali, hindi etc.), parents of girls are vying to hook him, wears jacket in summer, says he has a BMW back there. Outside South Asia, the guy speak english with difficulties,wears jacket all the time, works in a candy store or pizza store in downtown, dreams of owning a BMW.