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---> Right angle: If the other side of the straight angle is drawn on a straight line and the adjacent angle is equal to the two sides of the perpendicular line, then each angle is called the right angle. One right angle = 90°.

---> Obtuse angle: A smaller angle than a right angle is called a small angle than the two right angles.

---> Impact angle: Two angles are bigger than the right angle but four is right angle. Waiting for smaller corners is called angle. That is, if x 360° is x 180° then x is a growth Angle.

---> Straight angle: If the two straight lines cross the reverse side, then the angle formed on either side of the line is called straightenone. Straighten Equal to either two angled or 180°. ---> Vertically Opposite Angle: The four corners of the two corners are intersected by the rectangular angles. Repeat the angle to say.

---> Supplementary angle: If the sum of two angles is 180° or two, then one is the supplementary angle of the other.

---> Rectangular angle: If the sum of two angles is one right angle or 90°, then it is the complementary angle of the figure.

--->Execution: If two parallel lines are diverted to a different line, the parallel line on the opposite side of the mowing line is called the angle of angles. The alternating corners are equal to each other.

---> A similar angle: If two parallel straight lines are cut into another straight line, then the angle formed by the mice at the same side of the mice is the same angle. Similar angles are equal to each other.

---> Embedded angle: If there is a common arm of two angles, then it is adjacent to the other angle of an angle.

---> Triangle: The triangle is defined by the three straight lines as the triangle.

---> Typical angle triangle: The three corners of the triangle are called the subcutaneous triangle, which are small in the right angle (90°). ---> Troubleshoot angled triangle: An angle of the triangle is called the sathulkoni triangle, which is larger than the sathulkon or one at right angle. Angle The triangle can not have more than one syllable.

---> Right angled triangle: An angle at right angle of the triangle Call him a right-wing triangle. There can not be more than one at right angle in a triangle. The opposite side of the right angle of the right angle of the triangle is called the horizontal and the adjacent adjoining arm is one of the land and the other is called the vertical.

---> Lamborghini: Three vertices on the reverse arms from the three tops of the triangle are endogamous, and the point of the name is the orthocenter

---> variation: adding three vertices such as a single triangle and the three circles are the same circle. The point is at the distance from the top of the triangle).

---> Quadrilateral: The boundary of the linear field bounded by four segments is called quadrilateral. Alternative Definition: The quadrilateral with four lines is called quadrilateral.

---> Corn: A segment of the quadrilateral with the opposite sides of the quadrant is called the ear. The square of the four corners is less than its range.

---> Characteristics of quadrilateral: Four arms, four no, the sum of four in the sum of 360°.

---> Parallel: The opposite arms of the quadrilateral are equal and parallel and the opposite angles are equal (but the angles are not equal), they are called parallel.

---> Rectangular: The opposite arms of the quadrilateral are equal and parallel and each angle is right angle, it is rectangle.

---> Squares: The square refers to 4 equal arms or quadrangled plaques, or quadrilateral, each of which is equal to an angle or ninety degrees of the inner core.

--->Rhombus: Rhombus is a kind of parallel, all of which are arms, but the angles are not equal.

---> Tropezium: The two sides of the quadrangle are parallel but uneven.


(Because limited by straight line) is not a polygon
(Because limited by curved line) is not a polygon
(For reasons not limited)

--->Balanced polygon: If all the sides of the polygon are equal to the angle, then it is called a balanced polygon.

--->Bifet angle: The opposite angle of the angle of an angle that creates an angle, is the angle of the angle of the angle.

---> Spheres: The opposite angle between the two opposite reaches of their common edge points to the angle, as a straight angle.

---> Growth angle: The two corners are bigger than the right angle but from the four right angle the small angle is the growth angle.

---> Parallel Line: If two straight lines on the same plane do not intersect at each other, they are called parallel straight lines.

---> Intersect: The straight line that intersects two or more straight lines, is called a knife.

---> In the center of the triangle, the right-hand side of the triangle is the right angle. The end point of the triangle is at the center.

---> Parikendra: The horizontal end of the triangle is at the end. The horoscope of the triangle of the end point of the triangle.

---> Mass center: The angle of the triangle is the middlemost of the vertex and the rectangle middle line connector is the middle line. Middle constellation of the triangle. Gravity of the triangle of the end point triangle.

---> The vertical coordinates drawn on the opposite hand from the top of the triangle. The horizontal point of the triangle of the end point

---> All the two fields will be united if one field matches perfectly with others. To say the sum is equal to size and shape.

---> class: If two adjacent arms of the rectangle are equal, then they are called square by the rectangle.

---> Tangents: If there is one and only an intersection of a circle and a straight line, the line is called a tangent of the circle.

---> General tangent: If a straight line is tangent to two circles, the circle two is called a general tangent.

---> Dimensional content: Three pairs of parallel rectangular plates or substrates bounded by the substrate are called diminished concentrates.

---> Cube: If the length, width and height of rectangular cubes are equal, then they are called cubes.

---> Corner: Right angle in the right triangle.


* The triangle arm = 3,
* The quadrilateral arm = 4
* the arm of the circle = no,
* Cube arm = 8
* cubic arms = 12

*Notes: Some relevant English words

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