Story that touched my heart

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Story that touched my heart

Stories that touched my heart and tears started to flow.
(Note:Two stories one describe in the video and another is in text based)
Never underestimate Allahs mercy and power:
A young man's mother was hospitalized.
She was put in intensive care.

Her condition was hopeless, she could expire at any moment.
He left from the hospital distraught about his mother.
On his way, returning to visit his mother, He stopped at a gas station.
As he was waiting for the attendant to fill up his tank, He noticed that a cat had given birth to her kittens under a cardboard box.
They could barely walk. He pondered, Who would feed them under these circumstances, and went in to the store.
He bought a can of tuna (a type of fish), opened the can for them and continued on his way to the hospital.
When he entered the intensive care unit His mother wasn't there anymore, he dropped what was in his hands, and rushed to ask the nurse.
Where is she?
Nurse said: she got better, so we moved her to the next room.
He went to his mother.
Whom he found fully alert.

He greeted her and asked what happened She said that she saw while she was unconscious A cat and her kittens with their hands extended towards the heavens praying for her.
The young man stood there in amazement.
Praise to the one who's compassion is all encompassing. Praise to Allah, alms giving repels calamities, by Allah's permission. (Heal your sick through alms giving)

Make your first act of generosity. When you help others, Reward comes and multiplies in your life. Belief in your Almighty, The most hight, The most merciful.