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Calorie content for most common food items are as follows:
Food Item Quantity Calorie
Apple Juice ½ cup 50
Banana 1 medium size 100
Barley 30 grams 35
Beans ½ cup 12
Biscuit (arrowroot) 1 20
Bread (whole wheat) 1 slice 55
Broccoli ½ cup 12
Butter Milk 1 cup 85
Cabbage ½ cup 12
Celery ½ cup 12
Chapatti 1 medium 100
Carrot 1 medium 15
Chicken (boiled) ½ medium 100
Chicken Leg roast 1 helping 90
Chicken Sandwich 1 275
Chicken Soup 1 cup 80
Chicken Thigh Roast 1 helping 95
Chili Sauce 1 table spoon 20
Chowmin ½ cup 150
Coffee (black) 1 cup 12
Corn flakes 1 cup 100
Cucumber (raw) 30 grams 3
Custard with powder 30 grams 32
Egg 1 medium 75
Egg Plant ½ cup 25
Egg Sandwich 1 265
Egg Yolk 1 50
Food Item Quantity Calorie
Food Item Quantity Calorie
Garlic 1 clove 2
Guava 1 medium 50
Honey 1 table spoon 25
Indian Tea (raw) 1 cup 0
Jam & Jelly 1 table spoon 50
Lemon 1 whole 4
Lemon Juice 30 grams 2
Lemonade 1 ounce 6
Lentils 1 helping 30
Lettuce 100 grams 11
Melon 1 ounce 7
Milk 30 grams 19
Milk (skimmed) 30 grams 10
Mushroom cream soup 1 cup 100
Mustard seeds 0
Mutton soup 1 cup 110
Onion (fried) 30 grams 101
Onion (raw, cut) 1 table spoon 8
Peach 1 medium 35
Peas (dried) 30 grams 28
Peas (raw) 30 grams 12
Peer 1 50
Pine apple 1 slice 50
Pop corn 1 cup 75
Potato (boiled) 1 medium 100
Potato (fried) 1 medium 200
Prawn 30grams 30
Raw Apple 1 35
Rice (boiled) 1 helping 200
Soya Beans ½ cup 108
Spaghetti 30 grams 104
Straw berries 1 cup 55
Sugar 30 grams 112
Tea (milk & Sugar) 1 cup 26
Tea without sugar 1 cup 10
Tomato 1 25
Tomato Sauce 1 table spoon 25
Tomato soup 1 cup 100
Vegetable Oil 1 table spoon 110
Vegetable Sandwich 1 167
Vegetable soup 1 cup 100
Wheat Flower 30 grams 100

28 grams = 1 ounce. 1 cup = 8 ounce . 1 table spoon full = 15 ml = 15 gm.( for water)

Our day to day Calorie intake is normally high. So, if we tend to reduce our Calorie intake we may creep towards a healthy diet. So, People should try to stay away from the following food items, which contains high Calorie.

All you need to know about Health,Fitness and Beauty with tips and converter:

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