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Debate between Life, Policy and Racism

Debate between life and policy

Racism is one of the top most key ideology, that human could never get raid off, since the start origin of human on earth. It is so complex and covers most of our life in the society we live in. May be Love & honor constantly changes it's behavioral pattern due to the body fluid that connects, dictates and control the brain for his or her action. We find racism trends are constantly changes because of policy changes away from the principle and fundamental laws or religious laws. Policy changes ( in a given society) creates complexity to the co-related dependent society as well as all humanity combined.

Human find more and more away from the family & to live individual life to adjust his or her needs without having to face charges. Charges may be problem with law enforcement authority, Government control GPS to person or persons, economical issues connected to the life of living & far
and foremost the addictions.
Individual constantly changes his or her sexual needs with multiple partners. In order to create "Date", individual spent more money on dresses and looks to fulfill the need & desire. That also bring a toll on economy and new policy starts kicks in like bankruptcy, lam-some payment and government welfare.

Frequent policy changes fairly adopt by individual person, rather than the family. This is an on going dis-balance which causes localize population drop in North america and Europe. Country that are affected make policy changes in order to offset the population gap. Word "Immigration", "economical immigration, refugee, short term workers, landed immigrant, DV1, family member sponsorship, H1(job visa) and so on kicks in order to run and establish business, industries,farms instinctual properties and families.

Some of the policy changes when occur, it can not go back to it's origin, because of politics and power. Rich always benefit from the policy changes, as policy influenced and indirectly created by those rich, who wants to be more richer by making middle class poorer.

In 1930 America ban Alcohol consumption and production. Thousands of people put into jail, no following
the ban. 4 years later Rich and investors lifted the ban using policy and job growth tactic. Most of crime and killing occur when person is influence by drug , alcohol, pharmaceutical control drug and so on.

Time time again. We need to change our-self to fight what is wrong and establish our right to say what is correct. Day will come and democracy will be back in order, until than I will be keep on writing.

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